The ISO standard 9001 represents the basis of our quality management system.
They enable us to make our services measurable and offer our customers a comprehensive promise of quality.

The requirements of ISO 9001 are in line with our principles:

Corporate Culture

Responsible behaviour, team spirit and mutual respect shape our corporate culture.
Mutual trust and support are important to us.
We apply these principles to our internal and external communication. 


Honesty and openness are the basis of our cooperation.
The goal is not sales, but added value for the customer.
Through reliability, short reaction times and quality, we gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers in the long term.


By working with external suppliers, we expand our core competencies.
It is important to us that our suppliers follow the same company policy as we do.
Our suppliers stand for: competence, quality, reliability and flexibility.


Our corporate culture is the guiding principle for all employees.
By living this in everyday life, we encourage the contribution of your own ideas and promote personal development.
In this way we increase the motivation and satisfaction of all employees.


Quality comes from a sense of detail.
By paying attention to, analyzing and improving even the smallest things, we achieve a high level of quality over the long term.

The Process

Transparency is a fundamental building block in working with our customers.
For this reason, we have not only documented our standard processes in our management system, but also visualized them as workflows for our customers. Depending on the requirements and customer wishes, these processes are individually adapted in consultation.

The basis is usually our standard process, as shown below. It maps all stations from the customer request through the individual production steps and their interactions to the archiving of the finalized data

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More about ...

If you are active in the US market and have to provide a Certificate of Translation Accuracy for your products, as an ISO 9001-certified company we will be happy to issue all the necessary certificates for you – after we have carried out all quality assurance steps as described above.

We use the CWA SmartProcess quality management system to document and continuously improve our processes. It supports us in monitoring our work processes and is used by our employees as a source of information for quality assurance.
In addition, they can access all relevant documents such as checklists and control sheets at any time, which are required for efficient project management and are stored in CWA SmartProcess for this purpose.

If you have any further questions about our quality management or would like more information about our ISO 9001 certification, our QM officer will be happy to help.

QM officer: Nicole Wohlfahrt