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Quality from the first to the last word

Total quality management

MedTech companies must meet strict quality guidelines and have implemented efficient quality management systems in order to meet these high standards.In translation, compliance with corporate quality is usually ensured through review steps, which until now have mainly taken the form of visual checks.

However, no reviewer can recall the entire corporate terminology and its possible uses purely from memory at any time, especially since not all reviewers have the same experience and knowledge. Until now, there have been no technology solutions to reliably support this review process.

That is why alfaloc has developed its own technology solution in the form of alfaloc content quality reports, which identify all deviations from corporate quality and visualise them for correction – for guaranteed corporate quality from the first to the last word.

we make quality measurable

Content Quality Reports

Content quality reports from alfaloc are a crucial tool for your corporate quality management – because they make the quality of your translations measurable. They are created in a step prior to review, directly after receipt of the translation from the service provider. The small amount of time required for this task is more than compensated for by the reduced correction effort during the review step.


Content quality reports visualise all deviations from the binding corporate language in table form. Since they are created with the help of a database, they capture even the smallest inaccuracies faster and more precisely than a visual review.

In addition, content quality reports can be created according to department-specific terminology and special rules. This makes the comparison even more targeted and precise, and makes work easier for your reviewers.
With segment-specific documentation, errors can be tracked and corrected more easily, which means that translations can be handed over for final review more quickly and take significantly less time and involve fewer change requests.
This measurably reduces your time to market and gives you maximum control over the quality of your translations.

Content quality reports are also an extremely valuable tool for vendor management.
Since they are generated solely on the basis of your approved content and are not influenced by stylistic preferences, they provide a completely neutral quality assessment.
alfaloc content quality reports provide a precise overview of the quality of your translation service providers and thus support the evaluation of your existing suppliers as well as the selection process for new vendors. 


Solid foundation for content quality reports

To create meaningful content quality reports you must first establish an authoritative basis.
alfaloc supports the creation of a corporate translation memory as well as standardised corporate terminology. Together they provide sufficient flexibility to cater to the specific requirements of individual business areas, while at the same time ensuring a consistent corporate language.

It is crucial that both solutions only include final content that has previously been confirmed and approved by your organisation. Corporate TMs and terminology are your intellectual property and you have complete control over their use and quality.
Once this basis has been established, newly translated content can be compared with existing corporate language at any time and detailed content quality reports can be output.

Want to know more?

Translations are more than just a by-product.
Discover the valuable asset that lies within your language data.
We’d be happy to tell you more about the creation of corporate translation memories and their possible uses.

Corporate terminology simplifies the consistent use of binding product names and technical terms throughout the organisation.
This will strengthen your corporate identity and your international brand presence.